Vourvourou is a seaside village of Sithonia with natural beauty and many beaches. Its beaches are majestic with clear blue waters and sandy shores.

The most famous are the beach of Vourvourou, Karidi, Bara, Xifara and  Fava with stony coast.

The settlement of Vourvourou is located along the beach opposite a cluster of nine islands, the largest being the island of Diaporos. You can visit the island by boat rental and swim in its blue waters. There, you can also see the ruins of the church of St. Andrew dating from the pre-Byzantine period.

 If you are still a mountain lover we suggest you to hike on the lush slopes of the Itamos Sera which stretches over Vourvourou. The view from there is unique. And from the fire department you will be able to see the whole Halkidiki and the Aegean Sea.